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Validation study of a Chinese version of Partners in Health in Hong Kong

May 10, 2016 CCM, Flinders Program, PIH, Malcolm Battersby, Publications, Journal Comments Off on Validation study of a Chinese version of Partners in Health in Hong Kong

Teresa Mei Lee Chiu, Katharine Tai Wo Tam, Choi Fong Siu and Malcolm Battersby.

Quality of Life Research Journal – Published 10 May 2016


Background – The Partners in Health (PIH) scale is a measure designed to assess the generic knowledge, attitudes, behaviors, and impacts of self-management. A cross-cultural adaptation of the PIH for use in Hong Kong was evaluated in this study. This paper reports the validity and reliability of the Chinese version of PIH (C-PIH[HK]).

Method –  A 12-item PIH was translated using forward–backward translation technique and reviewed by individuals with chronic diseases and health professionals. A total of 209 individuals with chronic diseases completed the scale. The construct validity, internal consistency, and test–retest reliability were evaluated in two waves.

Results –  The findings in Wave 1 (n = 73) provided acceptable psychometric properties of the C-PIH(HK) but supported the adaptation of question 5 to improve the cultural relevance, validity, and reliability of the scale. An adapted version of C-PIH(HK) was evaluated in Wave 2. The findings in Wave 2 (n = 136) demonstrated good construct validity and internal consistency of C-PIH(HK). A principal component analysis with Oblimin rotation yielded a 3-factor solution, and the Cronbach’s alphas of the subscales ranged from 0.773 to 0.845. Participants were asked whether they perceived the self-management workshops they attended and education provided by health professionals as useful or not. The results showed that the C-PIH(HK) was able to discriminate those who agreed and those who disagreed related to the usefulness of individual health education (p < 0.0001 in all subscales) and workshops (p < 0.001 in the knowledge subscale) as hypothesized. The test–retest reliability was high (ICC = 0.818).

Conclusion –  A culturally adapted version of PIH for use in Hong Kong was evaluated. The study supported good construct validity, discriminate validity, internal consistency, and test–retest reliability of the C-PIH(HK).


Read the full journal article here: http://download.springer.com/static/pdf/778/art%253A10.1007%252Fs11136-016-1315-5.pdf?originUrl=http%3A%2F%2Flink.springer.com%2Farticle%2F10.1007%2Fs11136-016-1315-5&token2=exp=1470188457~acl=%2Fstatic%2Fpdf%2F778%2Fart%25253A10.1007%25252Fs11136-016-1315-5.pdf%3ForiginUrl%3Dhttp%253A%252F%252Flink.springer.com%252Farticle%252F10.1007%252Fs11136-016-1315-5*~hmac=e25611b0f7468b127f3c5d93cffbc28a62b3dc306c4f4864affcfcb409d8c410

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